What knuckles taught me about life’s peaks and valleys

Make a fist right now and look at the front of it.

A knuckle of peaks are valleys

See those peaks and valleys? They’re wisdom without spoken words. Knuckles are a reminder of flow.

What goes after a peak? A valley.

What goes after a valley? A peak.

It’s as if mother nature gave us a natural reminder of how life will flow. I forget this principle because of life’s distractions.

I’ll get a little sleep and wake up feeling as if I’m running on half my cylinders. There’s a work problem I can’t push through. Meetings pile up. Four friends want to get together during the same week. My mind is all over the place and feels scattered.

When you’re in a valley, a peak is around the corner.

I look at my knuckles and realize that the next stop is a peak. It’s right around the corner but I can’t see it yet. I can shift my focus from negative to neutral.

Now consider a happy moment. Dopamine is flooding your brain and you’re feeling like a boss. You’re on top of the world!

You got your first gig.
You bought your first car.
You landed her.
You got a salary bump that you’ve been waiting for.
You upped that lift by 10 lbs.
You lost 30 lbs in weight.

When you’re on top of the world, ground yourself. You might find a peak coming up next.

I’m super excited when looking at that list! In that moment I forget the feeling will pass. Sorry to be a downer.

Peaks and valleys are opposite sides of the same coin.

Knuckles remind me to accept the happy moment and be grateful for its temporary presence.

Peaks and valley are part of the same coin.

The moment will pass, but will I be able to come down to equilibrium rather than be stuck at high and low extremes?

It comes down to not living in extremes. Knuckles remind me that if I’m feeling low, a high is around the corner. If I’m feeling high, don’t get too used to it as somewhere along the line, a low is inevitable.

Be ready for it when it comes.

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Nikita Kazakov
Nikita Kazakov

Software Developer and Product Owner.