I’m a engineer working as a product owner building and shipping oil and gas software worldwide. I write about life lessons learned along the way.

2011 - 2018

Product Owner of Oil and Gas Software

As a product manager, I bring oil and gas software from an idea to a shipped product. With a petroleum engineering background, I grab industry requirements from stakeholders and lead a team of software developers and testers to build a working solution.

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GVERSE Field Planner

Incredible optimized fully planned fields done within minutes. Handles complex scenarios including surface and subsurface hazards. Uses an iterative algorithm to maximize total lateral length in a field.

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Field Planner Application

When you’re drilling multiple wells per week, it’s overwhelming to keep track of things in excel. Field Planner is an integrated solution made to plan wells over entire fields, taking into account surface hazards and lease lines. Making last minute changes is easy. Currently available on the market.

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Pro 3D Advanced Graphics

Revamped through user testing and a new intuitive UI, Pro 3D brings together engineering, geological, and seismic workflows into one cohesive 3D scene. Currently available on the market.

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GVERSE Planner

GVERSE Planner was roadmapped from scratch in 2013 and is now available on the market for purchase. It allows geologists to quickly plan wells, create deviation surveys, preview designs in 3D and automatically build geoprognosis reports. Available for sale online.

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